June 2021

Hey, Hey! I figured this would be a cool way to keep everyone informed just incase you are like me and do not check emails regularly or another reason!


All shipping information can be found on our policies page at your convivence 

Disclaimer - "Did You Do Something Different to My Product?"

-Cream based products are all natural. This means in extreme high or low temperature, they may change in volume, texture, and/or color. This should not change the effectiveness of the product. We understand that you expect consistency however, we cannot control the climate changes. To give you the most positive experience, we always ship products the same day they are made and no later than 3 days later to keep the product as fresh as possible. Please be mindful that due to us being a handmade business, some products take longer to formulate as many of our cream based products are made with hot distilled water or wax/oils/butters that have been boiled to a specific temperature. Some tips to extend shelf life of products are to refrigerate them (to retain consistency you enjoy due to warm weather) also, try not to get outside water into products. 

- We are always testing out new product containers and/or labeling methods. Currently, our product labels are more professional however, they are not fully water or oil proof. This meals when in direct contact with any liquid, label may smudge. We have a legal obligation according to the FDA to make sure each product is labeled with ingredients. This is what we have done. Look out for updated labeling in the future. 

- Mini Oil twist tops - sometimes your mini oils may come with a white disk top. We have a wholesale supplier that tends to sell out of certain items quickly. We try our best not to jump from supplier to supplier because this creates inconsistent product consistency and this can be a problem because our product labels are a specific measurement. We always have an open order for these twist tops, sometimes, your mini curl bundle (oil) may not include the black twist top. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

- Naturally Nixon is a supplier for Kazmalaje brushes and combs. Sometimes we have to wait a few days for our restock to ship. 

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