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3 Tips to Accomplishing Wash Day for Young Children + Those with Different Abilities

It is insanely difficulty to complete wash day for a screaming toddler or an individual that has sensory sensitivities. Though not an easy task, we have 3 simple tips for you to still achieve it, hassle free!

The first thing to understand here, is they WHY? Why is my child giving me such a hard time! As parents, I understand the frustration and time it takes to wrestle the kiddos for wash day. I have 3 children; all boys, that are ages 5 and under so you can only imagine!

Most children find wash day pretty scary! The most popular reasons being, they don't like the water splashing or pouring down their face, the anxiety of tilting back for rinsing can be pretty unsettling, and/or you guessed it, AHHHH! It's going to hurt! Ouch!

All of these thoughts are validated. I understand! I have 3 tips to solving these struggles.

The vestibular sense deals with an individuals sense of balance so when tilting a child's back, they may feel like they have lost their sense of control due to the lack of spatial control.

To solve this, we recommend a Shampoo Buddy! (

Tactile senses are how things feel. For toddlers and those with sensory sensitivities, water dripping down your face may be an unpleasant feeling. It may tickle, be annoying, or be completely uncomfortable. We recommend a bath time v. The visor stops water from dripping down your child's face altogether, eliminating most of the unpleasant tactile effects. (

Lastly, the OUCHIES! Children, especially those with tight curls become afraid as soon as they see a hair styling tool. My 5-year-old has an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and also has tons of tightly curly hair. He has always been afraid of combs and brushes. Due to his sensory sensitivities, even the slightest tugging can send him into meltdown mode. This has changed and we are so grateful!

Naturally Nixon has connected with an awesome business, Kazmalaje. This amazing sister trio, the Stirrup sisters, have designed detangling hair tools for easy hair wash days! My son on the Autism Spectrum APPROVES! Pictured below is the KurlsPlus Paddle Comb. ( We are also a stockiest or this beautiful business!

These 3 wonderful tools are essential in achieving a peaceful wash day for young children who may need a bit of assurance, including our friends that have sensory sensitivities.

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