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5 Hair Styles Using Naturally Nixon Products

As we knuckle down our photo submissions for our (hopeful) Fall magazine launch, we wanted to share a little bit here and there to keep you intrigued!

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the FULL version of this list coming this fall!

Here are 5 cute + simple styles from our Facebook VIP group, “Real Haircare for Real Families(Make sure you join us)!

  1. JUST ADD BOWS - You can add bows to literally any style and they come with so many different colors and styles! What is your fave way to style your bows? Let us know! You can achieve this style with either the Curly Hair Gelle or Detangle + Leave In Cream.

2. GET CREATIVE WITH ELASTIC BANDS - Elastic/Rubber bands come in every color now and we have been seeing some fun styles for the summer months to keep your little ones curls out of their face and protected! Grab out Curly Hair Gelle to use as an everyday style refresher hairstyles pool days!

3. WRAP IT UP - I have to say, i love the whole head wrap and turban vibe! They’re easy to wear and add a bit of flair to any outfit. To achieve this look, moisturize with Curly Hair + Skin Butter so the fabric of wrap will not dry out the hair and add a bit of Curly Hair Gelle to your curly bangs.

4. CLASSY WITH A TWIST - You can never go wrong with pin up looks, crown twists, etc! It’s simple but adds a touch of elegance on any curly crown. You can use a bit of Twist Loc N Poppin Pomade or Curly Hair Gelle to tame fly-aways and ensure longevity of your style.

5. PARTY LIKE A HAWK STAR - The curly mohawk literally never disappoints! It’s quick and cute! You can Choose to let the curls swirl up top or for those with longer hair, wrap each ponytail around itself to create buns. You can use any number of products to achieve this look depending on your preference. We recommend the Curly Hair Gelle or Curly Hair +Skin Butter for moisture.

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