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Hey, Hey! It's Dani, the founder and one-woman show behind, Naturally Nixon LLC. My brand launched in November 2019 as just an idea and a hobby. I had no intention of making it into an actual business; it was just one of my many side hustles.

As a mother with many young children, I always like to have money in my pocket. Especially, living in such an expensive city like Boston, Massachusetts. Basic necessities are super pricy these days! It's insane!

I like to refer to Naturally Nixon as a "lifestyle" rather than a brand. It literally stems from my everyday life. I wont lie, I was hesitant to share pieces of myself with perfect strangers but the bonds and community I have formed cannot be matched! It's so awesome!

Our short story is my older son (almost 6) was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2 weeks after his 2nd birthday. He has many sensory sensitivities and one includes his dislike of having his 3b/3c, thick curls combed. He simply does not like it and washdays would usually result in meltdowns with lots of tears and suds flying in everyone's eyes. A haircut also wasn't an option because he is deathly afraid of the entire experience. I cared more about my son's emotional health and didn't want to traumatize him so I kept trying products to find a better fit. We never found one and we had spent countless dollars on every possible haircare brand you could think of. Sometimes, his curls would look amazing, freshly done .. then, they would dry and turn into this brittle, gummy textured, tangles mess! It was horrible! Some products would leave horrid residue and flakes and it became far too much of a hassle for my then, toddler. My son's haircare routine consists of a weekly wash, condition and style (typically braids or twists to keep his hair as tangle free as possible). I could not just skip washing his hair because all this does is allow the hair longer to tangle and mat up. We didn't want to go through this.

I returned to mixing up familiar products I had always mixed from childhood with my mom such as aloe vera juice, different butters and oils. Remember this was before 2019 (our launch year).

As an early childhood professional, I discovered the popularity of common allergies like tree nuts and wanted to incorporate this into my brand. As a parent of 4 children, allergies are no joke! Not to mention, my sons severe eczema. His eczema was so bad when he was younger it use to peel and bleed. It was super scary.

Naturally Nixon considers all people and their possible skin sensitivities, sensory sensitivities and allergies. These things are so important to us. We are constantly evolving and trying to adapt to our community but we take it serious in presenting an authentic brand story and mission to YOU! We care for YOU!

Thank you for being apart of the NN fam! We are super pumped you are here!

- Dani

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