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All About Protein!

Protein or Kertain makes up over 80% of our hairs makeup. Our bodies use protein to build cells such as: hair, skin and nails. They strengthen your hair and allow it to continue to grow.

When your hair lacks protein, it becomes brittle, dry and lifeless. Due to the brittleness, it'll begin fall out strand by strand, not reaching its full length and health capacity.

A low-protein diet also contributes to a lack of protein in the hair causing shedding and thinning.

Here are a few indicators that your hair may need MORE protein:

1. It is high porosity

2. Loss of elasticity - this could look like you braiding it and it constantly snapping off

3. Stiff/Lifeless

4. Has a gummy or sticky feel to it

5. Your hair is color treated

Protein treatments are usually needed when hair is damaged and strength needs to be restored and natural shine needs to be revived.

Always remember that layering protein-rich products without proper cleansing will cause protein build up and work against your hair! It is important to space put your protein treatments so they may be effective.

A few additional signs that your hair needs LESS protein:

1. It's a tangled mess

2. Breakage

3. Feels like straw

4. Lacks natural shine

Based on what you've read, does your hair need more or less protein?

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To Add Protein:

To Remove Protein Build Up:

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