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Girl, you FINE too!

Are you trying to keep your thin/fine textured hair moisturized but nervous of it being weighted down by heavy products? Here are a few tips for those with finer textured hair and keeping their tresses moisturized!

If applying a hair butter to your fine textured hair, especially if it low porosity, only adding it to the ends is best to avoid too much oil being applied. You can also use heat (not much) to aid in the absorption of any oils. Now, I am NOT recommending you use any hot tools on your hair but they do help!

One technique is washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, add a dime size butter to ALL of your hair and work it through. Remember, YOU control how much product you put in your hair. I have afro textured (3c/4a) hair and if I put too much oil in my hair, it will feel greasy, lifeless and just plain GROSS!

Oils such as argan and almond oils are lightweight and will not weight down your hair. Particular products such as rosemary essential oil or castor oil may even help thicken your hair in the long run!

Don't be afraid to add product to your hair. Just be sure not to add too much (I am super heavy handed!)

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